The West Highland Line - one of the greatest rail journeys in the world

When the whistle blows in Glasgow's glass roofed Queen Street station, and the train for Mallaig sets out, you are starting on a journey that is 164 miles long, and will leave an abundance of memories to treasure. On the way you'll see tiny villages, vast moors, towering mountains and historic glens. You'll see places you want to visit again, and explore more closely

Come in spring, when the air is invigorating and the great glens stir with new life

Travel in summer, when the long evenings bring spectacular sunsets over majestic skylines

Set out in autumn, when the colours flare into purple, gold, yellow and brown

Or board the train in winter, when the glinting snow adds a new dimension, and the herds of deer come to forage on the moors

A line for all seasons... all thanks to the vision and courage of the entrepreneurs, engineers and labourers who drove this track through some of Britain's most dramatic, beautiful and sometimes merciless terrain

The first sod of earth on the route was cut with a silver spade in October 1889. In August 1894, the line between Glasgow and Fort William was opened to passenger traffic ...the greatest mileage of railway ever opened in one day in Britain. And in April 1901, the line to Mallaig was opened - the West Highland Railway was complete. Travel over it today and you'll come to understand why so many people have fallen in love with it since

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The West Highland Line - one of the greatest rail journeys in the world